Ilona Gaynor



Books and Publications

Disgeno Journal, Issue.20
Etapes, Special Issue, #2 Work and Design, Interview
Disgeno Journal,, Issue.14
Working Promise, Cite Du Design
The Alpine Review, Issue 3, Permanence
Disgeno Journal, Issue.10
Disgeno Journal, Issue.9 (Cover and feature)
Los Angeles Lawyer Magazine, Hollywood in Court
The Hollywood Reporter, Screenwriters Files
Twelve Tomorrows, MIT Technology Review (Contributing author)
When Site Lost The Plot, Urbanomic Press
Disgeno Journal, Issue.8
Interview with Shona Kitchen, Disruption, Design Museum
Disgeno Journal, Issue 6.
MADE UP: Design's Fictions, Edited by Tim Durfee
Architectural Design Magazine (AD), High Definition: Zero Tolerance, Edited by Bob Sheil
WIRED Magazine UK, Sep Issue 2013
Architectural Design Magazine (AD), Scarcity Issue, Edited by Jon Goodburn
Biennale Internationale Design Saint Etienne Catalogue / p48
Creative Review
Campaign magazine


Landscape with Bird Trap
Para Fiction Novel
Written by Oscar Gaynor
A detailed portraiture of Ilona Gaynor
and The Department of No set over
the course of one year
48 Pages

Online Publications

The Ascent, Interview with Regine Debatty for WeMakeMoneyNotArt
Filmed Interview, The Creators Project
Creators Project
Objection!!!, WeMakeMoneyNotArt
Fast Company, Objection!!!
Disegno Daily, Objection!!!
Disegno Daily, Reality Isn't Working
Icon Magazine, Iconeye
It's Nice That, Designers In Residence, Design Museum
Design Week
Dazed and Confuzed Magazine, Economic Art
Uncrate, Under Black Carpets
Disegno Daily, Problems with Design Fiction
Another Something and Company, Heists
Hyper Allergic, Under Black Carpts
Lodown Magazine
The Minneapolis Egotis, Bank Robbery Woman
Core77, Ilona Gaynor wants to know
We Make Money Not Art, Under Black Carpets
It's Nice That, Under Black Carpets
Design Boom
Venue Project
BLDGBLOG, Do Black Swans Dream of Electric Sheep
Boing Boing
Beyond The Beyond, Bruce Sterling, WIRED
Beautifiul Decay, Designing A Robbery
Creative Applications
WIRED USA, Artist Designs Heist
Beyond the Beyond, Bruce Sterlng, WIRED
We Make Money Not Art, Everything Ends in Chaos
Blueprint Magazine, Top 10 Graduates of 2011
Disegno Daily, Under Black Carpets
FRAME Magazine


The Discovery Channel
Jay Leno, CNBC
NNN Nippon News


T-R-E-M-O-R-S, Arts and Architecture Magazine
99% Invisible, Interview, Breaking the Bank
Art Uncovered, Breakthru Radio
AIL (Artists In Laboratories), Resonance 104.4 FM


The Financial Times
USA Today
The Los Angeles Times
The New York Times
The Philadelphia Herald