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Synecdoche, Hills

Financial crime is becoming extensively more abstract. Today we see breaches of privacy and theft using highly auspicious varieties of Malware: from phishing scams, data skimming to DNA hacking and insider trading, which due to obvious progress will only get increasingly more innovative, upon breaching the horizon. However, I don't think the underlying framework of inherent theft will ever change, but perhaps we will be exposed to more sophisticated varieties or versions, even 'worlds' of what's past.

I'd like to believe that the future deserves a criminal that operates and values crime (an act) as a seminal, more poetic and long-term undertaking, something that nods towards tradition and ceremony and even a new infrastructure.

My proposal for a future crime is to design a speculative virtual city (within Second Life) exclusively built for shopping and entertainment purposes, much like Abu Dhabi, Las Vegas, Disney Land or Beverly Hills - consisting of virtually constructed shopping malls, restaurants and theme parks. The city will be solely managed by fraudulent (fake) accounted avatars.

Whom are operated by a large co-conspiratorial network of people, employed to sell and serve in everyday establishments, like pizza restaurants,gift shops and casinos. The city will act as a ruse, a meta playground where real money can be perpetually laundered and exchanged across the globe to front (real) stolen property, ransom demands, gambling betting, payoffs and extortion.

Second place in the Future of Money Award.


Concept film for the proposal of a future financial crime.





© Ilona Gaynor 2013

Design, Direction, Animation: Ilona Gaynor Thanks: Filip Remplekovski